Aeratis Superior Technology

Aeratis PVC Shutters are engineered with the same technology that has made our T&G porch flooring the performance leader for over 12 years.

Custom, Historically Accurate

Custom, historically accurate PVC shutters now available for a fraction of the cost of wood shutters. All Aeratis shutters include FREE hardware.

Ugly plastic, your only option?

Does bolt to the wall, misproportion shutters add to or take away from the value of the home? Today, there is another option…

What comes in the box?

Everything needed to assemble a pair of shutters for one window comes in the box… Simply make six cuts with a miter saw, assemble and install using the hardware provided.

Compare price

Aeratis custom operable shutters are not only the lowest price operable shutter, it offers the greatest value on the market. Add the greatest curb appeal without breaking the bank.

A shutter that dosen’t shut?

Can a shutter be called a shutter if it does not shut? Many architects, designers and realtors believe one of the worst thing to do to a home, is to install disproportion bolt to the wall shutters.