Mounting Options

Hanging shutters can be tricky business if there is not a complete understanding of the offset options or requirements. Depending on the style of window or siding material, the offset needed to hang a shutter can vary dramatically. Aeratis offers everything needed to mount shutters in a surface mount application. If a different offset is needed and the shutters cannot be installed using the surface mount (1-3/8″ offset), you will need to purchase different hardware to mount your Aeratis Shutters. Below are a few common offsets for shutter mounting, we are providing them ONLY to help you determine the offset you will need for your project. Aeratis only offers 1-3/8″ offset or suface mont hardware. If you need somthing other than what is offered, you will need to purchase this from a shutter hardware supplier.

Recommended Steps to Hang Shutters

  1. Attach the hinges to the shutters first. Measure one inch up from the bottom of the shutter and place the “L” Hinge. Make sure the hinge is flush with the side of the shutter.  Using the hinge mounting screws, fasten the bottom hinge to the face of the shutter. Hanging Operable ShuttersPlease Note: When mounting the hinge on the face of the shutter, mount the hinges on the side that will be hidden when the shutters are in the open position.
  2. Mounting the center hinge is critical. Make sure the center screw is centered on the shutter.
  3. If possible, place piece of a louver on the window sill. Center the shutters over the opening. Have someone hold the shutters in place. Take the pintle and slide the pintle shaft into the hinge opening then install the 3 pintle screws.
  4. Height and Hardware Requirements
    1. All shutters under 84” must have a minimum of 4 connection points to a wall. This includes, top hinge, bottom hinge, a mid-hinge and shutter support.
    2. All shutters over 84” must have 5 connection point to a wall. This includes, top hinge, bottom hinge, two mid-hinges and shutter support.Hanging Operable Shutters