Shutter Styles

Shutter StylesLouver Shutters

This historically accurate louvered shutter was engineered to mimic a shutter dating back to the early 1800’s. The louver placement, thickness and spacing gives this shutter a more robust appearance. Many people in the industry refer to this size of shutter as an Architectural Shutter.  The stiles and rails are 1-3/8″ thick. The face of the stiles (vertical pieces with mortise holes) have a 2-1/2″ face. The profiles for the top, mid and bottom rails all mimic how shutters were once hand crafted. Aeratis Custom Operable Shutters in the box program offers 3′, 5′, 7′ and 10′ shutters that are 21″ wide (10′ shutters are only available in certain markets).

Aeratis Custom shutters come over sized and are ready to cut an assemble. Each pair of shutters is ready to cover a 42″ opening and ALL the assembly and stainless-steel hinges and hardware are included in the box. To assemble a pair of shutters it will take less than 15-20 minutes if you have an understanding of how to use a miter saw and screw gun. To assemble a pair of shutters, there are a few tools that will be needed (miter or chop saw, screw gun, caulk gun, urethane-based construction adhesive and some exterior hole filler. See installation guide for complete details.

Shutter StylesBahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are believed to have originated in the Caribbean or the Tropics. These beautiful shutters limit the amount of light entering the window and help reduce the heat load created by sunlight. In addition to reducing the heat load, they allow for good ventilation or cross breeze to flow through open windows. By adjusting the tilt rods more or less light can be allowed to pass between the louvers.


Typically, these shutters are used on wider or larger windows. The Aeratis Custom Bahama shutter comes 50” wide and 7’ Tall. This shutter can be cut down to any size to fit any window. Included in the Bahama shutter box is the solid hinge, tilt rods and a hidden support rod. With a shutter coving such a wide area and such little support, in many cases the shutter can start to sag over several years. We have included a hidden support rod to keep from requiring additional support rods.


Aeratis Custom Bahama shutters should be available by July 2018

Shutter StylesRaised Panel Shutters

Coming Fall of 2018 – These simple, yet ornate, shutters became popular when the priority was to provide privacy and protection for the window. Many contractors and homeowners turned to these type shutters due to their cost savings over louver shutters.



Shutter StylesBoard and Batten

Coming Fall of 2018 – Board and batten shutters have gain popularity over the years. This shutters style is one of the oldest style of shutters. Typically used on cottage and primitive style homes. Another widely adopted reason for the popularity of this style of shutter is the cost savings over shutters with much more detailed millwork.