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Custom Raised Panel ShuttersAeratis Custom Raised Panel shutters are only sold in pairs and are delived the exact height needed for your project. Upon arrival, all shutters are ready to paint and install. You will have the option to purchase all the hardware in multiple styles to be able to open and hold back a pair of shutters. This includes the stainless steel New York style top hinges, mid-hinges, bottom hinges and pintles with a 0 offsets (For surface mount). Shutter hardware also includes the shutters dogs, lag bolts and shutter supports.  Wall mounting screws as well as the screws used to mount the hardware to the shutters are inclueded with all hardware kits. The only additional hardware that is not offedred on this site is the slide bolt to lock the shutters closed.  All louver raised panel shutters offered are put in to 2 categories. Note: 21″ is the  maximum width for raised panel shutters and the pair will cover a 43″ opening.  The 2 categories of shutters are as follows:

  • Medium Raised Panel Shutters – Select this option below if the shutters are between 37″ and 59-1/2″” tall.
  • Large Raised Panel Shutters – Select this option below if the shutters are between 60″ and 84″ tall.

Once you have selected the size shutters, options and quaitity simply added it to your cart and then you can either proceed to checkout or you can return to a differnt category and then select additional items to add to your cart. If you do not see the options you are looking for within the categories, please complete this request for quote form.



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Custom Raised Panel ShuttersMedium Panel Shutters
Heights from 37″ – 59-1/2″

Custom Raised Panel ShuttersLarge Louver Shutter
Heights from 60″ – 84″

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  • Shutter Dogs with Supports
  • Pintle Mounting Fasteners
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