Ugly plastic, your only option?For many years consumers have had two choices when it came to shutters (Cheap plastic bolt to the wall or very expensive custom wood shutters). The cheapest of the choices being the injection molded, ugly bolt to the wall plastic shutters. These shutters scream “the shutters on this house are fake”. Most of the bolt to the wall shutters manufactured at 14″ wide regardless of the width of the window. These shutters typically start to fade or chalk within the first year and they are nearly impossible to keep bolted to the wall.  These shutters can cost less up front, but what do they really cost the property owner? With curb appeal being one of the most important factors to a potential home buyer… think about what these shutters can do to diminish the curb appeal.

With the introduction of the Aeratis Shutters Program, choices have been expanded. A custom sized shutter can now be purchased with a lifetime warranty for close to the same cost as the bolt to the wall shutters. The best part is, the Aeratis shutters are proportional, historically accurate, operable and come with stainless steel hardware that allows the shutters to actually open and close.