No Lead-Time – Less Expensive – Lifetime Warrany

No Lead Time?

For years, custom shutters have taking weeks upon weeks to receive. All too often they deliver damaged, wrong size, or just wrong and this causes costly delays and hurts relationship. With Aeratis’ Custom Shutters in-a-box offering, they can be purchased at a local stocking dealer today, 6 cuts with a miter-saw and about 15 minutes of assembly and they are ready to paint and hang in place.  If a recommended rapid cure paint is used, shutters can be assembled, painted and installed on the same day. This creates greater customer satisfaction and allows for a much faster project completion.

Less Expensive?

Custom shutters can be very expensive to say the least. A 5 foot pair of Western Red Cedar pair of raw shutters can run the end user between $600 and $900 dollars. Spanish Cedar shutters the same size can cost upwards of $1000 to $1200 dollars. If the project demands 15 to 20 pairs of shutters these costs can put the project way over budget. These costs have contractors and homeowners running to the ugly, plastic, disproportion shutters that scream they are fake. With the Aeratis Custom Shutters in-a-box system depending on the size of the shutter the finished cost of a pair of 5 foot shutters are approximately 1/3 the price of it’s wood predecessors. Also, consider Aeratis Custom Shutter in-the-box comes with the stainless steel New York L Hinge hardware. The hardware alone has a retail value of over $150.00.

Highest Quality?

Imagine for a moment using unstreted wood for a deck, an outside hand-rail system or a privacy fence… Now consider that the vast majority of wood shutters are made from untreated wood. Not only are they very expensive, they are untreated and there current life-span is very limited in exposed application. Why would someone pay more for so a product or maerial that would not last as long. With the proven track record of the Aeratis formulation, the Aeratis custom operable shutters will far outlast cedar, pine or enjection molded shutters. This, coupled with the limited lifetime warranty will provide many years of worry free beauty for any home or project.

Shutter Assembly Video