For the last 12 years our tongue and groove porch flooring has been the leader in performance characteristics. We began to apply this same formula to a line of shutters and we have not been disappointed.

Our shutters are uniquely dimensionally stable. The structural or visual appearance will not be adversely effected by thermal expansion and contraction. Even when painted black you wont find dimensional movement and we encourage our shutters to be painted in dark colors that are classic for historic styles.

Going hand in hand with our dimensional stability you should find no buckling, cupping or warping of any kind one might experience with wood or plastic injection shutters. With this stability we can offer fully operable shutters that are not required to be bolted or tacked to the wall. This not only enhances the curb appeal, it provides an elegant finishing touch to any home.

Our solid extruded PVC formulation is termite proof and mold resistant with a repaint cycle of 70 years even when painted dark colors. This makes it a great option for anyone living in high moisture or beachfront areas. Aeratis Custom PVC Shutters provide the greatest performance characteristics at the most competitive prices making them the greatest value on the market.