Historically AccurateAll too often the phrase “Historically Accurate” is use but seldom is the benefit defined to the end users. Consider this for just a moment… Homes that were built back in the early 1800’s tend to have good lines, quality materials and somehow seem to withstand the test of time. Over the years, many manufactures, builders and consumers have tried to cut corners without considering how these cuts effect curb appeal and value.

At Aeratis, we feel that structures or at least the building materials that are used should mimic the appearance of the crafted materials from the 1800’s. They should maintain the appearance but, they should by far, outperform the actual materials through the utilization of today’s knowledge and technology. For over a dozen years, we have proven that our technology is far superior to all other products on the market when it comes to T&G Porch Flooring. Aeratis Traditions and Heritage have been approve for historic restoration projects in 48 states. On top of this we provide the industries only warranty against adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction.

With Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box program, every visible item in the box was engineered to mimic each component of a louver shutters dating back to the early 1800’s. The stile face is a true 2-1/2″s wide. All the components are 1-3/8″ thick. Many people refer to this size shutter as an “Architectural Shutter” because of the depth and robust appearance. Should a shutter be smaller