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Custom Louver Shutter

$0.52 - $0.56 / sq. in.

All Aeratis Raised Panels shutters come in pairs and are made from a propietary high density PVC formulation. All shutters are accompanied by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  In order to maintain the warranty, all Aeratis shutters must be painted and installed using a top, mid and bottom hinge as well as the shutter support.

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Number of Mid-Rails * 

All shutters below 7 feet or 84″ come with 1 mid-rail. All shutters over 84″ come standard with 2 mid-rails. Here you can add an additonal mid-rail to your shutter. If you are looking for your mid-rail (s) to be in a specific location, please enter this in the comments. Make sure you specify the location from the bottom of the shutter.

Please add the mid-rail placment for all mid-rails. Make sure to provide measurement from the bottom of the shutter

Hardware Options * 

All Aeratis Raised panels shutters are required to have 3 hinges per shutter and a shutter support on the shutter dog. Select the hardware kit that will best match your desired look.

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