Custom Shutter Size

Please complete the information below to be provided a quote for custom shutters. In some markets, you can request a finishing or painting quote as well. If it is possible for this to happen, you will be provided a custom size assembly quote as well as a finishing quote if you specify.
  • This is for one shutter only. The width will apply to both shutters to make a pair.
  • This is for one shutter only. The height will apply to height of both shutters.
  • Measurement from the bottom of the shutter to the bottom of the mid-rail. This will be within 5/8 of an inch. Enter center if the center is desired.
  • Would you like stainless-steel New York L hinges and mid-hinges included with your quote?
  • Enter the number of pairs of shutters you need in the above dimensions.
  • Include paint colors (name and code) for Sherwin Williams paint in the case finishing options are available.
Custom Shutter Quote